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The Jury

Jacqueline Hen
“I’m interested in the investigation of light as an artistic material, specifically in its transformational potential on the human consciousness. Using light guides the perception through targeted acoustic and visual phenomena into border areas in which ambivalent experiences (contingency (Luhmann)) set in and the habitual perception of space and time is abolished.” Jacqueline Hen (GER) is working at the intersection of Design, Art and Research. During her studies at University of the Arts Berlin and Art Center College of Design Pasadena, she specialized in Visual Communication, Spatial- and Experience design. Her work investigates possibilities of social transformation through communication and participation in the intersection of physical and virtual habitats. Currently she is completing her “Meisterschüler-Studies“ at the University of the Arts Berlin and is teaching Design as an academic-artistic-assistant at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) since 2017. At KHM she is focusing on the development of a contemporary „Grundlehre der Gestaltung“ (Design Basics), which relates to all areas of analog, digital, 2d- and 3d Design techniques, addressing universal principles like symmetry, rhythm, interaction. It questions the responsibility, opportunities, and limitation of Design as a discipline and its transformation from a historical but also contemporary sight. She worked as a research assistant at Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation Berlin (2014-2016) concerned with Technology Transfer Research, Process Design and Transformative Methods. From 2014 to 2017 she assisted Studio Tomas Saraceno on the research on spiderwebs and the exploration of new sustainable ways of inhabiting. In 2017 she founded JUWL a studio for interactive holographic interfaces. Her works has been shown at media art fairs and cultural institutions like Republica Berlin, Kunsthalle Bremen, Cebit Hannover.

Yasuhiro Chida
“Space is the most curious thing for me. Light is one of the purest material what makes possible to perceive a space that we can't touch and invisible. And it is the only material which does not include any story. Light is the root of beauty. Natural phenomena or substances that we feel beautiful, many of them are concerned with light.” Yasuhiro Chida was born in 1977 in Kanagawa, Japan. He majored in architecture at Musashino Art University Tokyo and performed various field-works, such as high mountain climbing or caving, and making installation works on the theme of 'consciousness of space' and 'change of somatic sensation'. Chida is the 1st Asian who was selected SIGNAL, the biggest light art festival in the Czech republic and participated in one of the best known light festivals in the world, the Amsterdam Light Festival 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, he cooperated works with NAOJ (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) or Jaxa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) , and seeks the border of art. One of his current life time works includes creating an art park called 'Kalama park'.

Künstlerduo Dachroth + Jeschonnek
“Light is one of the materials not being fully apprehended by science until today. Despite its ordinariness and everyday use light exerts a strong fascination and comes with multiple cultural connotations. This makes light a great material to work with as an artist. By impinging upon surfaces the apparent immateriality of light describes our whole, visible world. Light is, at one time, existent in the room and invisible as an own material. To deal with these contrasts and to abrogate them with our artworks, always fascinates us with every new project.” The artist duo Dachroth and Jeschonnek works together on projects since their mutual studies at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, especially their co-developed LICHTVOLUMEN. Dipl.-Des. Charlotte Dachroth The fundamental development of levitating light is based on the artistic work of Dachroth as a Mart- Stam- and Elsa-Neumann scholarship student. During her studies she decided on an interdisciplinary work in the periphery between art, design and science. Since her theoretical and practical research work on the topic of radiance she found her way to work with light. *1981 Berlin, lives and works in Berlin 2013 Meisterschülerstudium, KHB 2013 Diploma Textile and surface design, KHB Dipl.-Des. Ole Jeschonnek Jeschonnek developed and realised multiple light installations and illuminations for different architectural structures in cooperation with a renowned light planning office in Berlin. His drafts and constructions were honoured with various design and innovation awards. Within his works he focuses on the conceptualization, development and realisation of light installations. He passes on his experience teaching experimental light design. *1984 Flensburg, lives and works in Berlin 2014 Meisterschüler, KHB 2012 Diploma Product design, KHB

6th April 2018
16th September 2018
Deadline Concepts
October/November 2018
Jury chooses the 3 finalists
November 2018 - May 2019
Finalists realize their concepts
7th June 2019
Award ceremony + Opening of the accompanying exhibition in Unna for invited guests
10th November 2019
Exhibition “The Future of Light Art” closes


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