Willkommen im Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna

The Award

Goal of the International Light Art Award, an initiative of the Centre for International Light Art Unna and Innogy Foundation, is to show works by emerging artists, who will contribute to the development of light art in an innovative and creative way. As a competence centre of light art, it is the museum’s concern to inspire and promote. Artists working with light are often exposed to difficult conditions: light art installations need specific rooms that do justice to the works and to the effects the artists wish to achieve. High financial as well as technical requirements thus mean that artists are often unable to realize their ideas and are forced to show their projects as mere models. This reduces the artistic impact they might otherwise have achieved when building an actual installation.

With this award and the accompanying exhibition in Unna, we, the Centre for International Light Art, want to provide a platform for coming generations of light artists. New technologies, energy usage, and sustainability will play an important role in the competition. We invite artists to reflect on the Future of Light Art and elaborate a concept of how this future could look like.

"As light becomes a key cross-cutting discipline in the 21st century, it is essential that its importance is fully appreciated. It is equally vital that the brightest young minds from all areas of the world continue to be attracted to careers in this field." (UNESCO)


Innogy Foundation

Innogy Foundation aims to provide access to art and culture, choosing forms of expression that draw on energy: the Foundation supports light and video art as well as projects in the electronic media. The Innogy Foundation has been partner and sponsor of the International Light Art Award ever since the 1st edition in 2015.

Innogy’s funding gives priority to artistic projects that follow interdisciplinary approaches and seek a dialogue going beyond the bounds of individual disciplines, institutions and target groups. In this way, art is able to create impetus for our society and redefine the boundaries.

Furthermore, Innogy Foundation provides young artists with their first opportunities to develop and present themselves. For example, our artist-in-residence programme offers artists space for them to shape as they wish.

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